Lighting Design Services

Designed to Dazzle

Light gives life. Well-thought-through illumination evokes the senses, impacts the experience and influences the ambiance. Lighting can elevate the outlook of a space and convey the mood that is desired. The fine interplay between light and space is necessary to create beautiful or sensible atmospheres using an array of top quality, energy conscious products; and this is exactly what EKEL does.

Our team of specialist designers and engineers possess deep understanding of lighting dynamics in relation to virtually any demands. We can ideate, design, plan and develop a comprehensive range of exterior or interior lighting applications.

Sustainability is a key aspect of our designs as we strive to ensure every project is optimized for energy efficiency. We take into account the availability of natural light, use of space and sensor technologies to provide clients with savings year after year.

Whatever your requirements or specifics may be, we are ready to collaborate and create modern, integrated lighting solutions that will leave a lasting impression.